Through the Pink Ceiling

While most woman-centered initiatives focus on getting women into positions of power, Pink Ceiling takes a unique approach. Its mission is to help pioneer solutions that make women’s lives better. But this isn’t surprising if you know anything about the company’s founder, Cindy Whitehead.

Whitehead, who is most well known for developing the “female viagra”, burst back into the spotlight just four months after selling Addyi and Sprout Pharmaceuticals. Pink Ceiling, a nod to her signature pink lipstick, is one part venture capital fund, one part consulting firm, and one part incubator. Her first project for Pink Ceiling, Undercover Colors, was a wearable nail polish that would discretely let women know if date rape drugs were present in their drinks.

Sharing What She’s Learned
Pink Ceiling has billed itself as a capable team that has billions of dollars worth of experience in building a company from concept to market. They even know a thing or two about selling a successful company. The team, ten women, are keen to partner with companies that “propel the conversation” about women in society forward.

Whitehead, in an interview with Fortune magazine, said she thought pharmaceutical companies would benefit from her knowledge of regulatory practices and standards. And while companies that are women-led are preferred, the focus is mainly on being woman oriented. However, Whitehead maintains that Pink Ceiling was inspired by the experience of seeing women advocate for other women. In an attempt to break away from the one size fits all, boxed coursework that tells up and coming entrepreneurs how to build a successful brand, she built a mentorship element into Pink Ceiling that seems to be paying off.

Businesses hoping to benefit from the experience of the Pink Team can go to the website nad submit a “Pink Pitch”. If the proposal is in line with Pink Ceiling’s mission, then the company will be considered for investment and strategic support.

The Pinkubator?
Whitehead and Crowdfunder CEO, Chance Barnett, recently announced a shared venture, the Pinkubator. The startup was recently launched by Pink Ceiling. The project aims to focus on women-led business across the globe, empowering budding entrepreneurs to change their economic future.

Crowdfunder, the company credited with democratizing the equity process, has recently made headlines in pushing for women’s equality within its own structure. Unveiling pay transparency and announcing an equal pay policy, the team seem to be a perfect match.