Delectable Savory Chocolate Recipes from Top Chocolatiers Cookbooks

People love chocolate. The gift of a box of chocolates is seen as a sign of love. Chocolate can be addicting. There are a multitude of different types of chocolate bars and candies. Some people like sweet milk chocolate, others like dark chocolate or white chocolate. They are all delicious, and everyone has a favorite. As we age our individual tastes for chocolate change, they become more refined, and we seek out chocolates from chocolatiers, and we begin to appreciate chocolate like fine wines and gourmet sauces.
Since we all have individual tastes, and many of us like to cook, we thought why not look to the best for some savory chocolate recipes. These chefs’ cookbooks have their favorite recipes for appetizers, main courses, and soups, along with a number of desserts. Included below are their cookbooks and a few savory dishes included. Bon Appetit!

Wild Sweets Chocolate – This cookbook, written by renowned chocolatiers Dominique and Cindy Duby has hundreds of exotic recipes for someone who wants to experiment with chocolate. Some savory recipes included are:

  •  Braised short ribs in a choco-wine sauce
  •  BBQ pork with cocoa nibs
  •  Alow roasted salmon with a cocoa consomme.

Mast Brothers Family Cookbook – The writers of this book are two brothers from Brooklyn New York who became famous for both their love of chocolate and their  beards. This book has family recipes using chocolate for a variety of decadent dishes, both savory & sweet.  Some recipes include:

  • Spiced Cocoa Butternut Squash Soup
  • Cocoa Coq a Vin
  • Pan Seared Scallops w/ Cocoa Nibs

Last but not least we have the Theo Chocolate Cookbook, which has 75 sweet and savory recipes from a pair of Seattle chocolatiers. A few recipes of there’s include:

  • Cocoa Dukkah
  • Grilled Alaskan Spot Browns w/ Cocoa Nib and Almonds
  • Roasted Squash w/ Brown Butter Nibs

So now go into your kitchens and begin testing out some yummy savory chocolate recipes. Refined palates rejoice!


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How to Find Good Books to Read

There are so many books on the market, containing literature, that you will have a hard time finding something, unless you know exactly what you want to read. There are countless of authors, with many titles available and different genres.

Here are some ways to find something good to read.

Look Online

This is the most available resource for anyone who wants to find something to read. There are some dedicated sites that are actually real online communities where people share their opinion on books. You’ll find out that there are countless books with millions of literature lovers all around the world. For some of them, you have to sign up; after this, you will be able to see the reviews made by other people, the scores that are received by the books and so on. It will take you about 5 minutes into the site to find out something that you might like.

Nobel Prize Winner

You must have heard of this award. What you need to know is this: if one person has received the Nobel Prize for Literature, than this means that the person is really good at writing. There is an official list that is available online, with names for each author and the books that were written.

Books-transparentThe List

As people have loved literature for a long time, it was normal that there was also a list with the best books ever written. Called ‘The List’, it contains the best 100 books ever written – in all times, genres, styles, etc. You’ll be busy for a while, as it has great books.


There are plenty of books to choose from. They are catalogued and set apart based on genres, authors, styles, etc. You’ll find poetry, classic literature, novels and all that might get you interested.

Talk To the Staff

Those who work in a bookstore usually know what the best books to read are. If you have the courage to ask this question, you’ll see yourself facing another big list, as the people working there are also fans of literature.


It’s usually a great thing to have friends who read a lot, as you can ask them what to read next and also borrow books from them. It’s also good as you can go together while hunting for good books.

Take Classes

A class or a course in literature might help you more than you know. There are also online classes that are available for free in the online environment. It’s a great resource for new information in this field, but also you will know about new authors and other types of books, that you might not usually read.

The Library

If you don’t have a permit, it’s time you made one. There are millions of books waiting to be found by someone just like you. It’s never a waist of time, as this is one of the cheapest ways to gain access to information. You’ll find there anything that you can think of.

Book Fair

A book fair is the place where books are sold in an organized event. You won’t find these daily, but from time to time they are held locally or nationally. You will see conventions, meetings with authors, readings and so on. It’s a good place to start looking for new and interesting books, and for some of them you might get the chance to talk to its author.


The Book Is Better Than the Movie

Most of the movies you see are made after a book. Make a little research and find the book that represented the base of a film you have liked. After reading the book, sometimes you can discover that the movie was of a lower quality than the book.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t know where to start. Come to us at The Foundary and we’ll learn together about literature!

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