5 Startups to Keep on your Radar in 2017

Say Goodbye to 2016 and Welcome these Five Startups in 2017
What will the year 2017 bring? If you’re interested in business and technology you think about new companies coming into the market with products that could blow your mind. There are many lists, and many startups, but these five caught my attention because of their innovation and my personal interests.

1. Magic Leap

Much has been written about Magic Leap. In their own words: “to…rethink the relationship technology has with people.” Who can’t be excited about that? This year is the year most people expect that CEO Rony Abovitz and his team will move away from marketing hype and deliver something tangible that people can use. By describing their technology as “magic in your hands” they have set themselves a very high bar to clear.

2. Undercover Colors

If you are at a bar, Undercover Colors is asking you to dip your fingernails into your drink and then take a close look at them. Why?-for safety of course. Two years in the making, their wearable nail technology to detect date rape drugs in drinks seem to be ready for prime time. Their tagline is “Power At Your Fingertips” and it makes a lot of sense in today’s world. This one comes from North Carolina State University’s Centennial Campus laboratory. Started by engineering students, the company has been able to raise $5.5 million to turn prototypes into reality.

3. Nomiku

Who doesn’t like to eat delicious food in their own home? Nomiku has created a Wi-Fi connected sous vide device that allows anybody to cook like a professional chef. A mobile app controls the device to automate the cooking process. Chefs love to hear about other chefs and learn new recipes so the app also connects to a community to share instructions for cooking that delicious meal.


The Internet of Things(IoT) grows every day. Some say it’s the driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. IFTTT has been adding third-party integrations-applets-to allow things like your car, refrigerator, Amazon Echo, messaging apps, cooking hardware, and Google Home to talk to each other and make things happen. You will no longer be bound to just one manufacturer’s offering.

5. Clarifai

Face recognition, health diagnostics, games, and chess have become associated with artificial intelligence and it would not be surprising if more applications are found for this technology. Clarifai has the brainpower to do it. Started by Matt Zeiler, a former Google Brain intern, and expert in machine learning, it develops tools for integrating visual recognition services into other apps.